Courses 4 IT

Are you into graphic design, Digital Marketing, Web or Mobile App Development?
You aren’t and would like to? You are already but you know you can do it better?

Escucho y Aprendo
Photoshop, Facebook, jQuery, Ajax, Android, HTML, HTML5, Google, Illustrator, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Dreamweaver, iOS, Appcelerator, Ruby, Python, Django, user experience, user interface, Social networks, Responsive Design…

Cursos para profesionales de TI

IT professionals

So your best programmer became a Team Leader?
You are a skilled programmer and decided to create your own business?
Do you think your Developers could get along better with themselves or even with your clients?
Would you like to finish your projects earlier or at least on Time?

Improve your Team’s Skills and your Business’ Opportunities Too!

Your success will be determined by your client’s success. Escucho y Aprendo brings business opportunities to IT companies by training the key members and helping the team to focus their skills to achieve common goals.

Escucho y Aprendo
Agile Development, Leadership, SCRUM, Softskills, Hardskills, Team Building, Planning, Communication and Negotiation for IT Leaders…

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Cursos para profesionales de TI

Cursos de tecnología aplicada en tu negocio
Cursos de tecnología aplicada en tu negocio


Do you sell, buy or produce something? Are you in Tourism or Entertainment?
Do you offer any kind of Consulting like Legal, Administration or Planning?
Do you provide Services for Home or Industry?
Do you Lead any kind of Team?

Escucho y Aprendo brings Technology to your Business for productivity. Learn to have Technology on your side so you can earn more money or to do the same in way less time. Get to decrease human mistakes and empower your staff for higher productivity.

Escucho y Aprendo
Social Networks, Excel, Skype, Google Docs, Teleconferences, CRMs, Outlook, Facebook, Technology applied in sales, Negotiation, Google, iPads, SmartPhones, Mailing, Planning, Consulting and more…

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Creative Jobs will get you good
incomes, they bring out our
internal genius and time for expression
but most of it They’re really fun!

  • Create Web Sites and become a key member at your company
  • Get the best from Google and Facebook and generate more income
  • Get graphic Design skills so my ideas get more impact
  • Create native iOS and Android Apps
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Cursos para profesionales de TI

IT professionals

Developers are dedicated and precise.
Everything has its moment and its
place which is perfect for Software,
but for people, not so much…

  • Negotiation for IT Leaders
  • Agile Development
  • Your IT team must understand your
    client so they can provide
    better solutions
  • Communication for IT Professionals
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Cursos de tecnología aplicada para tu negocio


It’s amazing all the available technology willing to grow your business and it’s even more amazing the benefits your business can get.

  • Technology applied in sales, prospects and customers administration
  • Choice Architecture for Business
  • Excel, time and money on your side
  • Specialized Consulting for Business
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Desarrollo de TI

IT Development

We have done it before and we have done it right. Because we have the team and the equipment for:

  • Developing Web Applications
  • We make hard projects to become easy
  • Project planning and administration
  • Investigate, experiment, evaluate and implement new technologies
  • We provide Consulting for IT Developing Process.


More than 10 Years of experience have taught us to do things right. You have a need; we will provide proper advice for you to solve it.

We will provide you tools to do things faster and with less mistakes.

We bring technology to business to increase your productivity, make you more efficient and competitive.

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Escucho y Aprendo

Escucho y Aprendo is located at a major IT Cluster named “Centro del Software”, this ecosystem is a group with more than 30 companies dedicated to software development, multimedia, Web and mobile apps development, hosting, IT certifications, eLearning, Networks, Telecommunications, consulting and IT Training.

Escucho y Aprendo is a Team conformed by IT, graphic designers, business and human resources specialists.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of our experience, we get to evolve our services as we solidify our group. Escucho y Aprendo stands for learning and using technology for creativity.

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